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CacheBack was designed topp be the leading Internet cache and history analysis tool on the market today that supports all five (5) top browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. Web pages are easily rebuilt offline by the simple click of the mouse which allows evidence to be presented "in its original state" thereby offering a more visual impact to courts and jurors. Government and law enforcement agencies turn to CacheBack to quickly rebuild web pages and comb through complex Internet histories to generate compelling visual reports and critical activity timelines as evidence for criminal proceedings. CacheBack is fast becoming the tool of choice to support investigations involving child exploitation offences, terrorism, crimes against persons, frauds and thefts. This second generation version of CacheBack features proprietary Link Analysis technology that quickly identifies relationships between History URLs and hyperlinks embedded in cache web pages. Pre-defined and user-definable SQL queries greatly increase performance which is critical in examining hundreds of thousands of records. CacheBack also accurately displays datestamps in user-selectable Time Zones (system-clock independent) which simplifies analysis for multi-jurisdiction based investigations. FEATURES: · New consolidated thumbail Gallery viewer displays thumbnails of cached web pages AND pictures! · Accurately rebuilds cached web pages for all five top browers in just seconds! · CacheBack currently supports IE (5-8), Firefox (2-3), Opera (9), Safari (3) and Google Chrome (1). · Produce compelling, rich HTML reports for rebuilt web pages, and pictures, complete with thumbnails and metadata. · Rebuild lost web pages from Unallocated Clusters using new Templates feature!! (coming soon). · Import older NetAnalysis project files and leverage the superior reporting features in CacheBack. · Supports importing of NetAnalysis' Hist-Ex URL recovery tool (for IE). · Expedite case examinations using the CacheGrab EnScripts for EnCase V5 and V6. · Comes with our CacheGrab tool to quickly collect history and cache artifacts from any local drive (or VFS) and make them ready for import by CacheBack. · Displays timestamps in any time zone using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Accurately applies Daylight Savings (DST) changes to "each individual timestamp" (for the selected time zone option). This is extremely important if an investigator's place of origin (city, country) is observing DST WHEN the actual timestamp evidence originated outside of DST!! · Fully integrated SQLite3 database support for examining browser history files for Firefox 3 and Google Chrome! · Supports the extraction of GNU Zip (GZip) compressed data found in browser cache data files. · Uses a proprietary Photographic Aspect Ratio Differential value to dramatically create smaller, more relevant picture galleries for investigations involving child exploitation! (or any other picture-based investigations) · UTC option takes into account new DST rules and Southern hemisphere differences (eg: Australia). · System-clock-independent, multiple Time Zone and customizable timestamp formatting options for accurate timeline analysis. · Powerful Link Analysis to identify matches between history URLs and hyperlinks found in web pages (eg: which links might have been clicked or visited). · Familiar user interface similar to Windows Explorer or Outlook provides a consistent user experience for forensic investigators. · Each URL is extracted and broken down into multiple artifacts (metadata) which can then be used within custom queries to create finer (smaller) results sets. · Filter results based on file type, file extension, domain/host name. · Create user-defined SQL queries and save them for future use. · Pre-defined queries now available for common type investigations (eg: Child Exploitation, Web Mail, Social Networks, etc). · New Quick Queries makes it easier to filter out specific data types (eg: Sh

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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